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Traveling after COVID-19

The Coronavirus has arguably had a greater influence on our world than any other event in the last 20 years.  The ways in which we interact, conduct business, and how we travel have all been changed for the forceable future.  Historically travel via airlines have provided safe and reliable transportation.  COVID-19 has had a crippling effect on the airlines.  Schedule reductions, capacity cuts, and mass layoffs are having a profound effect on business and personal travel.  Cities that have enjoyed multiple flights per day have been reduced to a single flight per day while some cities have seen their service cut completely.  Travel from Atlanta to multiple cities that historically could be accomplished in a single day are now taking two or more days to complete due to scheduling and capacity cuts. COVID-19 has brought concerns over sanitizing and cleanliness onboard an airliner to the forefront as well.  As airlines grapple with addressing those issues, we are seeing a reduction in the number of passengers onboard and an attempt to place travelers in alternating seat sets to provide social distancing.  Suddenly, we now need to know exactly who we are sitting next to, where they have been, and who have they been around.  We now need to know who sat in the seat before we sit down, and did it get cleaned?  The entire seat, pockets, magazines and all?  Many companies and individuals are unwilling to accept the level of risk that is now a requirement of airline travel.  How are you adapting to these changes?  Fly-MAC has your solution.

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