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Fly Safe. Fly Smart. Fly MAC.


For years private aviation has provided an alternative mode of transportation for those who require greater security, privacy, and who have more demanding schedules.  Private aviation removes the exposure to the unknown and guarantees you know exactly who is sitting next to you, who has sat in the seat before you, and who will sit in the seat after you.  Private aviation grants greater operational flexibility to get into more airports – often much closer to the destination which results in more efficient travel and requiring less time.  Instead of one city per day, multiple cities in a single day are possible.  Successful businesses and individuals have long recognized the benefits of flying privately.  Private aviation allows you to take back control of your schedule and provide secure travel.  Stop worrying about who is sitting next to or behind you.  No more security concerns over prying eyes catching a glimpse of a presentation being worked on during the flight.  No more prying ears listening in on discrete conversations.  And, no more endless waiting in terminals for your flight.

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Private Aviation

Private aviation is more accessible and affordable than ever.  Advancements in technology are allowing aircraft to operate at the highest levels of efficiency.  At Fly-MAC, we recognize the importance of private aviation and its ability to provide a service that no other mode of transportation can come close to providing.  We work closely with all our clients each day to ensure that our customers enjoy the most flexibility and highest levels of safety.  Our relentless pursuit of perfection for our clients has a had positive impact not only in our client’s businesses, but also the positive impact in the personal lives of our business owners and their employees.


Hassle Free

We pride ourselves in smooth, easy, and efficient transactions. We provide oversight for everything from contract negotiations, inspections and audits of the aircraft and it's records, including closing, delivery, and post delivery support.  Let our team walk you through a seamless and enjoyable process!


 Private aviation and the service we provide here at Fly-MAC have enabled our customers to grow their businesses at a pace not otherwise achievable.  At Fly-MAC, we will custom build a program specific to your needs.  Whole Aircraft ownership, Shared Aircraft ownership, or short and long-term lease options are all options that Fly-MAC specializes in.   Safe.  Secure.  Reliable.  Flexible.  It’s what makes us, well, us.  We are looking forward to speaking with you so that we may build a plan built for you.  Fly Safe.  Fly Smart.  Fly-MAC.

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