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In 2014 Daniel Gilbreath had a vision for a new style of aircraft management – one founded on integrity, honesty, and transparency.  In February 2015, Managed Assets Company was officially launched with its first customer – a local contracting firm that had just acquired their first aircraft.  As Managed Assets began to find its footing, several other aircraft owners began to take notice of what was happening and quickly a second aircraft and client was added.  Aircraft acquisitions soon followed as a natural growth avenue as more clients were added. Rapid growth through 2017 and 2018 required additional pilots. In late 2018, Buck Roetman was brought on as Chief Pilot of Aircraft Operations to manage the growing number of pilots.  Buck holds 7 different type ratings and has logged over 18,000 hours on over 160 different types of aircraft. He is an accomplished airshow performer, holds an A&P with IA, as well as ACE certification for airshows. As of 2019, Managed Assets manages nearly a dozen different aircraft for several different owners and companies, all based here in the Atlanta area.  Managed Assets crews have over 34,000 combined hours and experience in over 350 different certified aircraft types.


Managed Assets currently offers Part 91 Aircraft Management, Sales and Acquisition Services, Flight Crew Solutions, Training, along with Flight Department Auditing and Financial Analysis and Oversight.




Daniel Gilbreath, a Gwinnett County Georgia native, has had a love affair with aviation dating back to as far as anyone can remember.  After earning his pilot’s license while still in high school, Daniel began working at the Gwinnett County Airport as a line technician.  During that time, he continued his flight training and staying focused on working towards his goal of becoming a corporate pilot. His passion, work ethic, and integrity earned him an opportunity to take his first flying job at the age of 20 working for a multi aircraft flight department.  An ATP rated pilot with 7 type ratings in various jets and over 11,000 hrs now, Daniel has been fortunate to have seen nearly every side of aviation - from Management, Pilot, Chief Pilot, and Owner.
In 2015, he took a leap of faith leaving his corporate pilot job with an international company and founded Managed Assets Company after identifying a need within the aviation industry.  In 4 short years, Managed Assets has grown from 1 employee and 1 aircraft to over 15 employees and nearly a dozen aircraft. This incredible growth is directly attributed to his attitude of others before self.  His unwavering work ethic built on honesty, integrity, and values continues to drive the growth with several projects planned for 2020 and beyond. In mid 2018, he acquired Gwinnett Aero FBO, the only true full service FBO located at Gwinnett County Airport.  Since the acquisition, the FBO has experienced record growth, most recently making waves within the industry after facilitating nearly 800 aircraft operations during the Super Bowl in February of 2019 – all with 10 employees and 3 volunteers. The acquisition of Gwinnett Aero brings his aviation career full circle, as Gwinnett Aero is the same place he got his start in Aviation.
Daniel, a proud Gwinnett Native, is married to his high school sweetheart – they will celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary in 2019.  They have two children age 8 and 2 – affectionally known at the FBO as “the Big Bosses”. They reside in Gwinnett County.


Director of Safety Training and Compliance

Laura was born in Tallahassee, Florida but has lived in 6 states and 3 countries. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences with a concentration in Avian Biology from Oregon State University. Before taking up flight, she traveled the world studying animals, with birds being her primary focus. Having always dreamed of flying herself, she reached a point where she could invest in the opportunity to have a career in aviation. She began training in October of 2017 and has not looked back since. She flew through training to obtain her MEI, CFI and CFII certificates. Laura also completed upset and recovery training at the Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic School in St Augustine, Florida. She has been a part of the Managed Assets team since December of 2018 and is one of their primary Astra pilots. Outside of flying, she enjoys spending time with her family, animals and the outdoors.


Gerri Courtright

Director of Operations

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